RF venue

A Clearer Class of Wireless Audio.

See why sound pros everywhere in every industry are embracing our innovation.

"My Swiss Army antenna... I use it every chance I get"

-Maryland Sound

"The compact and agile design has made me a fan... the Diversity Fin is the most powerful tool in my mobile wireless package."

-Tyler Faison, location sound mixer

"Provides us with very stable RF signals for our mics in a compact footprint. Great product that performs exactly as advertised"

-Crossroads Audio

Reduce IEM dropouts with circularly polarized waves.

Circularly polarized helical antennas like the CP Beam have become gold standards for live sound transmit applications, like in-ear monitors.

To help explain why helicals are so good at at reducing interference on IEM systems, we produced a short video on the CP Beam and circular polarization.

Multiple configurations, unlimited possibilities.

The RF Optix system is offered in two standard configurations for live production, rental, and installed audio. The install package includes mountable flanges, while the live package comes in a hardshell carrying case. Both options include 10' BNC to SMA adapter cables for connecting antennas and wireless rack equipment. 9V screw-on power supplies are also provided. Available accessories include 100m singlemode plenum fiber cables and 100m indoor/outdoor reinforced fiber cables. Custom lengths and connectors are also available.